The town of Gundrund used to be a large mining town. It is now abandoned, an empty ghost town.

The story of Gundrund is one shrouded in mystery. The town used to be a prosperous mining town, mining iron and other precious metals for the Kingdom of Lanilore. Nearly fifty years ago, however, the miners discovered something when they were expanding one of the main tunnels. It killed nearly everyone in the mine.

Not wanting to lose access to the valuable mine, the King of Lanilore at the time, King Relon, sent a team of seven powerful wizards to vanquish the threat. The first day there was a great boom that echoed from the mine. Two days later a single wizard stumbled from the mine. No others would return. That single wizard, the only survivor, was asked what had happened. He was incomprehensible, and eventually declared insane. No one has dared entered the mine since that day, though nothing has ever come out.

Gundrund slowly diminished in size and prosperity, having lost its access to the mine on which the town had depended. It fell into disrepair and ruin, and though the buildings still stand, the streets are empty and the windows dark. The town has been overrun by rats and other creatures, the roads are filled with holes.


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