The Spear of Souls

Peryton Hunters
Session 7,8,9 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Content Not Found: avariel, Aasimar, 3rd level Ranger
Gark’Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard

The party heads North under the direction of Cain towards the first Peryton nest. On the way there they stumble across an owlbear attacking some people. They rush to kill the owlbear and, upon discovering the people are Nerga Foda, kill the people too. They torture the location of the nearest Nerga Foda camp out of one member, slice off his identifying tattoo, and send him on his way, telling him never to return to the Nerga Foda.

The reach the Peryton nest late the next day, and with much effort slay the two beasts nesting there.

The set off for the second nest the following evening. Cain tells them he know two ways to get there. They can take a short two day path closer to the mountains that goes by a large orc encampment, or they can skirt around it on a three -day journey.

The party decides to go past the orc encampment. As they come upon it mid-day they discover it is empty. The remains of many dead orcs lie about, and there are drag marks, showing where the dead where dragged away. The group scours the area and turn up nothing but a hungry manticore. It attacks them, but one blindness spell from Noir and it quickly succumbs to a handful of arrows and magical beams.

They trudge on and come to a circle of stones, which Cain informs them is the ranger’s meeting place. Here they rest for the night, and it passes without disturbance.

They continue the next day and are assaulted by a group of orcs, which they quickly dispatch. They rest just before the Peryton nest, intending to take it in the morning.

The morning comes, and they attack the second of the three Peryton’s nests they hope to eliminate. The birds put up a valiant fight but soon meet their end. The journey continues.

Cain again tells them that they have two choices. He knows of a short pass in the mountains, that will take them on a narrow ledge and carry them around another major orc camp. He also knows another path that passes by a second orc camp.

In their journey with Cain they have learned that several orc tribes live in these northern forests. Three, to be exact, the

A Trip North
Session 7 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

This session begins just outside the village of Burgandy. When we last ended Noir had taken off running, and the party began to chase after her. All except the barbarian, that is.

A chase begins! Gark’Nor runs the fastest, and is quick to make up the distance between them. He accidentally steps in a hunter’s snare, however, and is unable to quickly escape. Noir almost gets away but is caught by a sleep spell cast by Phil.

Apologies go around when Noir wakes up and expresses her dislike of the way Thia had tried to drag her out of the house. She explains that she just has to do something, and that she will meet them all tomorrow morning just North of Burgandy.

Noir heads North alone, while the rest of them head back into the village. The barbarian learns the rumors that a ghost can be seen going down the river around midnight. The party decides to check this out. They await midnight, doing various things. Phil tries unsuccessfully to pick up a halfling woman. He gets thrown out of the inn about the same time he is alerted to the fact that the woman is the innkeeper’s daughter. The barbarian finds a tanner and gets his bear head cured.

The party awaits the visiting of the ghost on the docks. The “ghost” they eventually see is actually a member of the Nerga Foda, drifting downstream on a raft with two barrels.

The party wakes up the poor boatman and he lends them a boat. They chase after the guy, and when they are close enough they shoot him dead. They commandeer his raft and empty the barrels. Two living, but unconscious orcs are inside. They let the orcs out and row to shore, where Gark’Nor and Ren talk with the orcs. They learn that the Nerga Foda has been wiping out the orc hordes in the forest to the North.

Business done, Gark’Nor and Thia attack the unarmed, half naked orcs and kill them as they flee. Ren tries to stop them and intercedes, punching Gark’Nor as he shoots his bow at the orcs. It does little to help.

The four of them, Gark’Nor, Thia, Ren, and Phil, head back to Burgandy and pull the boat behind them.

They stay the night in the inn common room. Gark’Nor heads north for a couple hours to look for signs of a Nerga Foda camp. He finds none.

He arrives back in town and goes to sleep in the inn, several hours later.

When everyone is awake the party heads North, towards Hillcrest. They encounter Noir, looking very tired, on the way there and spend the rest of the day on the road. They arrive in Hillcrest that night, where they sleep in the streets, unwilling to pay for a room for the night (and because the halflings use a different currency). Hillcrest is about the same size as Burgandy, only its surrounded by palisade walls with sentry towers. The towers are empty, and there are no gates, only gaps.

The next day they spend doing assorted activities. Thia seeks out the village elder and learns that the village has experienced an unusually high number of Peryton attacks. The elder promised a reward to any that would clear the nests to the North. He recommends they seek out Cade Thorngage if they would like additional information.

Gark’Nor and Thia seek out Cade’s house, while Phil plays his bagpipes on the street. He gets very generous tips. Ren seeks out work in the mill and easily picks up the job and some pay. The halfling family who runs the mill offers him a dinner and a place for the night.

Cade informs Thia and Gark’Nor that he can help them track down the Peryton’s nests, provided they secure him a quarter pound of tobacco first. They seek out Phil, who pays for the tobacco at the local apothecary, Herbs and Remedies.

The two also meet a strange woman at Cade’s house, a perfectly proportioned human female, with silver hair. She introduces herself as Avariel. She talks with Thia, mostly, and decides to join their party in their quest North.

Cade tells them he plans to leave at first light, and tells them they can hole up at his place.

Dawn comes and the group heads out. Cade has already secured two ponies, one for himself and the other for Phil. The group heads North, leaving a sleeping Hillcrest behind them.

They travel the rest of the day, following the river and eventually entering the forest. A Peryton circles above as if preparing to attack but they hit it with several shots and scare it off. Its shadow doesn’t match its shape, but instead resembles a human. They travel for a while more beneath the trees before calling it a day. They set up camp and prep for the night. As dusk falls they are attacked by an owlbear. They eventually fight it off and kill it. Noir doesn’t even wake. The rest of the night goes by peacefully.

The following day they head deeper into the woods, striking away from the river. They seem to be following some path, as Cade doesn’t seem to concerned about getting lost as he leads them. As the evening begins to settle about the world the group reaches its destination. To Perytons roost on an overhang about thirty feet above them. Seeing the intruders the birds attack. A vicious battle ensues. Noir hangs back, still looking extremely tired despite her last night’s rest. Cade also hangs back, staying out of the battle, as per the deal that was struck.

With some trouble and a lot of healing magic on Thia’s part the group manages to kill the birds. The weapons seem almost to bounce off them. Avariel proves herself a useful addition to the party. The party raids the birds’ nest, where they find plenty of gold, silver and copper coins, all of a strange variety, most likely left behind by the birds’ victims. Unlike the coins they are used to, these coins have a spear engraved on one side and the head of an unknown figure on the other.

And this concludes the session.

The Sheltered Valley
Session 6 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

Having driven off the Hag, the party searches her house. They find a map, amidst several blank papers. It shows a valley, and three villages, Hillcrest to the Northeast, Burgandy to the East, and Pondfront to the South. An small house, drawn in, shows their rough location on the map. They can find nothing else they desire, and all gather outside to peer at the map, which is titled “The Sheltered Valley.”

They are interrupted, however, by a cackle. About 70 feet away the Hag appears. Suddenly the party realizes that the scarecrows are moving towards them!

A new fight begins. A sleep spell is cast at the witch, but she fails to succumb to its magic. They fight the scarecrows, igniting them on fire and hacking at them. When they are nothing more than ashes and a pile of sticks the forest is quiet. The party decides to burn the Hag’s house, and they do. They leave her gardens untouched. Food is growing there but they seem not to trust it.

They follow the trail back to the stream, which they can see on their map. This should lead them to Content Not Found: burgandy, the village in the center of the valley. So they follow the edge of the stream, which grows larger and wider as they go.

They travel for a day and make good progress. Their journey is uninterrupted. They set up camp for the night along the riverbed and assign watches. The night is uneventful.

Thia dreams of her goddess, Semhir, and of an injured Phil. Semhir tells her to help the villages to the East, and she will find love again. Then she is gone. Thia, in her dream, heals the injured Phil. She awakes and puzzles over the meaning of this dream.

They make it to Burgandy the next day. The houses are all made of a burgundy brick. They wander about the town and discover it houses a single inn/tavern, and features a lone house set apart from the rest. Noir checks this out and finds a plaque on the door that labels the resident “The Stonemaker.” She checks inside and finds a halfling man doing some paperwork and what seems to be his apprentice moving about doing various tasks. It is unclear what it is the Stonemaker does. Noir puts in a “Hi,” but bolts when the Stonemaker looks up. She explores the town a little more than takes off to the North.

During this time, Thia finds the house of the village elder, via way of a portly halfling man, whom she gifts a silver, but the man takes it reluctantly and with a strange look on his face. Thia goes to the elder’s house and has a conversation with him. She learns that the only trouble Burgandy has been experiencing lately is some foolish rumors of a ghost. Other than that things are quite normal. He also informs her that he has heard the other two villages have not been so lucky.

Ren, the barbarian, now addressable by name, having finally introduced himself, checks out the tavern and memorizes the layout of the town to the best of his ability. It is only mid afternoon, so the tavern is mostly empty. The halflings there seem to be eating, and no one is drinking yet. Ren attempts to buy a stuffed fish on the wall from the innkeeper, Nedda Greenbottle, but is turned down. Thia finds him and they set off in search of Noir and chase her out of town. Gark’Nor has been with Thia, waiting outside the door, while Phil has been exploring a little on his own, and has realized that most of the halflings speak Gnomish with little issue. These two also meet up with Thia and Ren in the tavern.

Everyone has figured out that though the halflings speak Common, the dialect is weird and off, and they are sometimes a little hard to understand.

Seeing the rest of the party behind her, Noir takes off running. The party gives chase, telling her to wait up.

And thus concludes the short session six.

Party One, Story Zero
Session 5 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 3rd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
???, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

Our party emerges from the trapdoor into a heavily forested region. The forest is mostly pine. Several of the party members can tell they are on a mountain, though they are near the bottom. It is late afternoon, but the moon is already up, almost full.

Natasha can hear water running a ways off to the South. She informs the party of this. The barbarian sees a bird some distance off and hurls a javelin at it. It strikes dead on and the bird falls dead. He hurries to retrieve it.

He finds the bird about 60 feet from the trapdoor, next to a large rock. On the other side of the rock a trail winds left and right. He goes to return to the group when he is suddenly ambushed. A man wielding a sword swings at him, but he dodges back. Several arrows fly from the trees, hard to pinpoint. They all find flesh, but none of them cut deeply. The barbarian shouts for help.

The rest of the party enters the combat. The barbarian almost goes down but is healed. A fight ensues, with magic missiles, arrows and firebolts flying, vicious curses and mother jokes that rack the brain, and a broadsword that cleaves foes in two at the hands of a raging barbarian.

When only one enemy remains he flees. Gark’Nor fires an arrow and misses. There the man’s luck runs out. The gnome fires a crossbow bolt into the back of his neck, then takes a handful of magic missiles to the face.

The adventurers discover that the fallen enemies all have a small tattoo of the white skull on their left back shoulder. They loot the bodies for several gold, silver, and copper pieces. Thia gains a longbow.

Natasha is strangely no where to be found. But this is hardly unusual, so the party returns to the trapdoor where they decide to rest up. They divvy up the watch and prepare spells and sleep.

They awake at sunrise the next day. Thia is in desperate need of a bath, so she heads towards the sounds of running water, to the South. All but Noir follow her. Noir heads North to cast find familiar, as her dragon perished in the fight the day before. Her entire journey takes about 2 hours. She notices as she goes North that the wildlife thins, even if the trees do not. Despite this she finds a deer, and attempts to kill it, but almost kills her dragon instead. The deer runs off. So she returns to the camp empty handed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party follows Thia to a large stream, which a small waterfall pours into. Phil checks behind the waterfall, but finds nothing. Thia asks the boys leave her alone so that she can bathe. The barbarian and Gark’Nor attempt to pick up some bear tracks, in hopes of making a spirit animal totem for the barbarian. They succeed and follow them South of the stream. Phil climbs up around the waterfall and heads West, following the stream. He eventually comes to a steep rock face he has no hopes of climbing. The stream, now a tiny little thing, runs down the rock face. He decides to give up and search for some food. He finds a rabbit and kills it with his crossbow. Pleased with himself he returns to the stream, about half an hour since he left.

Gark’Nor and the barbarian track the bear to a small clearing and a cave. Cautiously, they approach the cave entrance and look around. It seems a bear lives here. They snatch up the fur they need to make the totem and leave. Well, the barbarian goes to leaves, while Gark’Nor decides to hang around and wait for the bear, climbing a tree.

Shortly, the black bear returns, and after a lot of sniffing discovers the location of the intruder. It roars and charges the tree, climbing swiftly up it, but not before Gark’Nor gets in a shot from his bow. He fires again before he is attacked, the bear biting and pawing at him.

A fight amidst the tree ensues, and the bear is driven off, where Gark’Nor fires a final shot into the back of its neck and kills it.

The barbarian returns and the two strip the bear of hide and meat. They leave most of the hide behind. They construct some sleds out of bark and rope and haul 70 pounds of meat back with them to the camp.

The next four hours are spent cooking some bear meat. It is now about 9-10 o’clock in the morning, and the party, stocked with 10 additional days of rations from the bear meat, head down the trail they found. They discover that following it South leads to the stream. Stumped, they follow it the other direction, North.

The trail goes for about a mile before it comes to a cottage in a large clearing. There are two large fields that are growing crops of various sorts, and an entrance to a basement off to the left side of the house.

Weary of trouble, most of the group hangs back while Phil approaches. He knocks at the door and an old lady answers. They talk briefly, and Thia approaches. The old woman invites the two in. They sit and talk and share some tea.

Phil falls asleep. Thia pretends to, knowing that something is up. A hand touches her shoulder. However, it is not an old woman’s hand but a strong claw, with nails sharp as daggers.

“I know you’re faking it!” The old woman’s voice has changed and she suddenly slices Thia’s throat. Thia falls, unconscious and bleeding.

Meanwhile, during the chitchat and tea drinking, Noir and Gark’Nor sneak into the basement. They find something unexpected. A cache of old weapons and armor. They know something’s up, and they search the pile before Gark’Nor stumbles upon some mithril chainmail, which he shoves in his pack. The two rush upstairs, where they witness Thia’s throat get cut.

They intercede. As does the barbarian, who has been sneaking around the other way and come in through a window.

A fight begins. Phil is awoken, Thia is healed, and a battle that almost kills several players proceeds. A poker near the fire comes to life, the giant welcome mat on the floor attempts to smother the fighter, and the old lady, now fully in her Hag form, disappears and reappears on several occasions. Finally, the rug and poker dead and the Hag with a gash in her neck, the fighting grinds to a slow. The Hag isn’t dead, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Thia opened the chest in her room and found a heap of coins, along with a flask of red liquid, a jar filled with a tan cream, and several small gems and agates. She took it all.

And thus concluded session 5.

A Sudden Turn (or Two)
Session 4 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

This session begins in the mine, right where we left off. Noir and Natasha have made it down a level and the others attempt to follow. Gark’Nor ties off a rope on a large rock near the entrance to the mine shaft. He gives it a few tugs. Nothing happens.

Thia decides to go first. She grabs the rope and begins to make her way down when she suddenly slips. She fails and tries to catch herself but fails. He screams echo as she disappears into the darkness of the shaft. They end moments later.

Gark’Nor is understandably perturbed, and decides to lower an unconscious Phil down instead. He ties the gnome up and lowers him down, where Noir and Natasha pull him in and untie him.

Then Gark’Nor takes his turn. He ties the end of the rope around his upper torso, under his armpits and lowers himself down into the tunnel below. He makes it and climbs off.

The party, short Thia, continues down the passage before coming upon a similar scene. The entrance to the mine. Which was on the floor they just left. They are confused. They can see the world outside through the exit, and three tunnels coming off the intersection in which they now stand. Each looks exactly like the ones on the floor above, including the one they just walked down.

Gark’Nor decides it would be best to leave the unconscious Phil outside the mine as they attempt to go down further. He exits the mine- and appears in the tunnel directly opposite the exit, facing his companions.

Suddenly Noir collapses, unconscious. Natasha and Gark’Nor move to examine her, and find no discernible cause. Then Gark’Nor collapses as well. Natasha alone is left standing. She begins to loot the bodies.

Suddenly she wakes up, her companions all around her, her cheek on fire from where Thia has just slapped her.

They are all in the small stone chamber with the salt water bath and the strange symbols on the wall. They have been under a powerful sleep spell, and probably a few other curses, seeing as even Thia, the elf, succumbed to it.

Climbing to their feet, the group peers through the hole and makes their way out. Thia prays to her goddess Semhir, the goddess of travel.

From the hole the passage does not go straight, as it did, or seemed to, on the way in. It splits to the right and left. Our party moves forward to the intersection. A little down the passage they see some skeletons, the same ones as before, with the wizard hat and mining gear, only the skeletons are standing. They notice the party and charge.

An illusory sound from the bard causes two of them to get distracted and turn around. The other two charge full on ahead.

The party manages to ready themselves in time for the onslaught. Gark’Nor sends an arrow hurtling towards one of the skeletons that turned its back but misses. The skeleton turns around again and joins its companions. The other charges off into the darkness.

Then it comes flying back in pieces and a burly,shirtless man wielding a giant ax comes running in.

The party take turns wailing on the skeletons, the skeleton cleaving two more in half before the battle is done.

Without a word of introduction or anything really, the new intruder assimilates himself into this party. He has been quietly following them for some time, but couldn’t get himself through the hole after they all got knocked out.

The mine is not how they remembered it. It seems they got themselves involved in something bigger than they even could have expected. Natasha speaks up, amazingly, and mentions that they should stick to the left. Gark’Nor tries to record their passage on a map, but soon gives up. They stick to Natasha’s plan, occasionally arguing, but ultimately turning left whenever they are presented with the option.

Eventually they encounter a strange symbol, painted on the wall. It is a white, inhuman but humanoid skull, with pointed ears. Natasha recognizes the symbol as one she has seen before, scrawled on walls in Hareton. She remembers a name, Nerga Foda, but nothing more. They follow the symbol, which leads them down the left path, and continues to do so as they encounter it with each new set of turns.

It leads them past a broken stairway, and into another intersection, where they are ambushed by three living shadows. These are beaten back with some effort, as weapons seem to harm them little, and even fire dies in their shadow. Thia answers this threat with bouts of sacred flames that sear the shadows very effectively. Noir manages to capture one in an essence jar, an item she picked up from her master’s hut that is used for storing all kinds of things that normally can’t be (like shadows…).

Beaten and lacking in strength, the group goes left, even though a skull is painted on the middle path. They encounter a dead end, and decide to take a short rest. Learning from their past mistakes they do not sleep, but spend an hour or two recovering.

Then they return to the intersection and take the middle path. It brings them down a long hallway, where they encounter a large painted skull like the others, only the size of the wall.

Not exactly sure what to make of it, they continue down the hallway, which leads them to another dead end. They search for any sign of a passage, and find nothing. They return to the painting. The barbarian, using Thia’s mace, hits the skull. The wall remains unharmed, but seems to move a little.

Together, the party pushes open a secret door in the wall. It leads down another long passage, which in turn leads up some stairs and eventually to a ladder and a trapdoor.

The barbarian wastes no time opening the trapdoor. Light pours in and the group emerges. They seem to be in a forest, halfway up a mountainside, with no idea where they are.

To be continued…

The Empty, Vacant, Abandoned Mine
Session 3 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

This session begins outside the abandoned mine. The characters head into the mine and are immediately faced with three choices. They briefly discuss splitting up. Then they decide to go left.

The left tunnel ends in what appears to be the remains of an elevator. All that is left are the ropes, some rotted wood, and the metal wheels the ropes ran on. Below is a dark chasm.

Deciding to check out the other paths before doing anything rash, the party returns to the entrance, only they take the right path this time. This path slopes downward, and leads them to a small pool of water. There are coins on the bottom, which Gark’Nor discovers after he swims in the pond. Noir drops in three gold coins and prays to the Keeper, the god of Knowledge and Secrets. The group returns to the middle path and begins the descent.

This path goes straight for a while, and descends the whole time. It seems it is the main path. There are occasional offshoots. The group spends several hours exploring every single one.

Eventually they begin to reach the end of the tunnel. They encounter the skeletons of what appear to be miners, and one that is wearing the remains of a wizard’s hat and robes, and some unidentifiable ones. Gark’Nor pulls a gold tooth from one and pockets it.

The tunnel ends with a small hole, about 2 feet in diameter. Without bothering to peer through the hole, the party decides it would be a good idea to throw the gnome through to see what’s up. As the gnome enters the chamber on the other side something explodes in a flash of lightning, and Phil is knocked unconscious. Now the group peers through the hole and looks into the small chamber beyond.

There is a large crystal being held aloft by a shaft in the center of the room. A strange coffin sized tub of water made from stone is opposite the hole.

Gark’Nor climbs through. Nothing happens. He takes the crystal. Still nothing. The others climb through as well. Phil lies dying on the floor as the cleric enters and begins to examine the room. The walls are covered in strange runes and sigils.

Noir walks to the other side of the room and feels the water. It’s salty. She feels a sudden wave of knowledge sweep over her and recognizes the magic at work. Although she’s only ever heard of them, and nothing more, she suddenly knows this is the necessary setup for a clone spell.

While everyone else is preoccupied studying the room, Phil manages to stabilize and stop dying. With nothing else to see, Gark’Nor carries him out of the room, and the rest of the party follows.

They decide to leave, then change their minds when they reach the entrance again, opting instead to try to make it down the shaft.

Using one of the remaining ropes to climb down, Noir makes it to the next level down the shaft, as does Natasha.

And that concludes session 3.

Ghost Town
Session 2 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

The party last left off sleeping in the manor they have been granted.

In the night Noir, the party’s wizard and aspiring necromancer, slips off into the night. She is seen by Natasha, but tells the rogue not to follow. Surprisingly, the rogue obeys. Noir is back before morning.

The party awakes to he clamor of people downstairs in the manor!

The people are from the farms south of The Village of Castilla. The previous night they were attacked by a band of orcs, who razed most of the farms and have killed several people. They have come to their new lords seeking asylum. Randal is attending to them, and ensuring them that they can stay in the manor until their houses are rebuilt.

The party mulls over this information and the information they have received by raiding the bandit camp, especially that pertaining to the mysterious “M”, who apparently has some business in the town of Gundrund. They decide to kill two birds with one stone, and track down the orcs before heading to the abandoned town. They have trouble convincing the wizard to go with them, but eventually manage to after making some very convincing arguments (and some very convincing rolls…).

They manage to track the orcs to a small copse of trees an hour or so west of the road to Gundrund. A battle ensues and the orcs, a small band of six (five grunts and there leader, judging from the outfits and size), fall victim to a sleep spell cast by the wizard and are easily picked off.

After the fight the party takes short rest. Then they continue on to Gundrund. The city as as the rumors described, and the party is aware of the rumors (after all, Noir is from Castilla). Read the Gundrund entry to see the story behind Gundrund.

When they arrive at the town they aren’t really sure what it is they are looking for. They decide to head towards the mine, mildly splitting up as the rogue takes to the rooftops. They encounter little except the empty houses, empty temples to the gods, and an empty manor for a while. They also stumble across a statue of King Relon, who ruled the Kingdom of Lanilore when Gundrund was still a thriving town. Eventually they come across a tree, which speaks to them. A dryad emerges from the tree, asking their assistance in being cleansed of the evil that has pervaded the town. They find some holy water and douse it’s roots. It thanks them and immediately looks healthier. It sprouts two berries, which they pick. The bard and cleric each take a berry. The gnome eats his and instantly vanishes, becoming invisible. Seeing this the cleric stores hers for later.

During this time the rogue has gotten far ahead of the party, and Noir has pressed forward as well, not trusting the dryad to be truthful. The Noir comes across a graveyard behind a temple. Some of the graves are empty and recently dug up. She spends some time examining the open graves and discovers that they are all graves of non-humans. She also finds a trail of dirt leading into the temple. Noting all this, she continues towards the mine.

The rogue has been traveling towards the mine this entire time, and is ahead of everyone else, when she is attacked by a swarm of rats. She fights back valiantly, killing many of them, but she is unable to fend them off. She ends up lying on the ground, bleeding. The rats move on. Through a miracle the bleeding stops and she regains consciousness. She pushes on, her blood seemingly held in by willpower alone.

Meanwhile, Thia, the cleric, Phil, the bard, and Gark’Nor, the fighter, push on through the city towards the mine. They too, soon find the graveyard, and notice the empty graves. Thia is the first to arrive and takes advantage of this, hiding in one of the graves and scaring the hell out of Phil when he stumbles into the graveyard. Unlike Noir, the group decides to check out the temple and are almost immediately shot at by crossbow bolts when they enter. They manage to call Noir using a message spell, and she returns to join them in the fight.

They kill four bandits, two of which shoot at them from the balcony, the other two of which emerge from the basement of the temple. During the fight, Phil casts a spell and suddenly becomes visible again. Nursing bad wounds, three of them decide to take a short rest in the temple. Noir decides to press onward. After some time she hears what sounds like combat and goes running. She stumbles into a building to find a smoke mephit standing over Natasha! She sends a firebolt at it but the attack sails right through the smoky figure. The two battle, with Natasha bleeding out on the floor.

Noir manages to kill the mephit and stabilizes the rogue with a little effort. Then the two take a short rest, lying in each other’s arms. When they awake they do a little more than lie…

Back in the temple the rest of the party finishes their rest, and awakes to find their wealth missing. Thia discovers her broach, the most important thing to her in the world, is gone. The group finds some additional tracks leading up from the basement, and follow them outside, where they meet up with a horse’s then promptly vanish. A little perplexed, the party again decides to split up. Thia continues to the mine. Gark’Nor and Phil remain to explore the rest of the temple.

In the basement, Gark’Nor and Phil discover this temple has the same layout as all the others. They move through the halls into the back room, when they trigger a pressure plate. Poisoned darts shoot from the walls and impale Phil, killing him, as he has not fully recovered from the fight. Now carrying the stable but unconscious Phil, Gark’Nor discovers the bodies of an elf and and a half-orc that look as if they’ve been cut open. He also discover that this room has a door the other temples didn’t have.

Going inside he finds himself in a square room with two statues to the goddess Semhir, the goddess of Travel and Fortune (and our cleric’s diety). He also finds a large circle with mysterious markings carved in the ground and nine sigils carved around it, and though he is pretty sure it is a teleportation circle of some kind, he is unable to figure out what it is or how to activate it. Deciding not to waste more time trying to decipher it, and instead ask the wizard about it, he leaves with the bard in his arms for the mine.

Meanwhile, Thia passes the house where Natasha and Noir are… sleeping. She hears some moaning but decides not to investigate. She soon comes upon the mine, where she decides to wait for the others. They all soon appear, everyone looking a little bloodied and beat up, but everyone present. Gark’Nor and the unconscious Phil are the last to arrive. Thia heals up Phil with some magic and he is soon back on his feet.

And this concludes the second session recap.

Shadows in the Forest
Session 1 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 1st level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 1st level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 1st level Rogue
Noir, Human, 1st level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 1st level Fighter

Just to the south of Castilla the caravan is a buzz of activity. Noir and her master are there, looking for rare ingredients not native to the region. Her master is haggling with a vendor. Thia is talking to a trouper. The bard and dror are on break from their acts, and are conversing with themselves. The rogue is nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the fighting breaks out! Our heroes band together to fend off the bandits, with help from a nearby fighter, Randal. Some of the bandits run off, and people have gone missing. Noir’s master is killed.

It is learned that these bandits have attacked before. Our heroes eventually manage to track down a lead. Sevil, a well-known woman in the village, has been giving the bandits information on who is in the town and when, and has been informed to keep a special eye out for people of different races. She is only doing this because her son, Baldwin, a quite simpleton, has been taken by the bandits and held prisoner. The party learns of a meeting between Sevil and the bandits later in the evening.

The party travels to the site of the meeting to lay an ambush. They lie in wait and capture the bandit that comes to speak to her. They torture him for information, much against Randal’s protests, and learn the location of the bandit camp. They sufficiently tie up the bandit and leave him.

Night is descending as they approach the camp. They stop some distance away to talk over how they will get past the guards. Meanwhile the rogue, who has been following along, slits the guard’s throats silently.

They enter into the cave the bandits have been using as a hideout and fight their way to the back. They split the party to cover more ground and have a few harrowing fights. The rogue is knocked unconscious along the way. Eventually they are led back to each other and fight the boss and several lackeys together. The boss is a spellcaster of some sort, and some kind of cultist.

The raid the room for clues and discover that this is not just a handful of bandits, and this is not the entire organization. The bandits have been taking orders from someone else. A mysterious “M,” who has been doing something in Gundrund, the old abandoned town to the south. A secret door that leads out to a small river where there is a dock and a raft is also discovered, and some kind of chart with various races and tally marks. They also find the prisoners, a mix of non-humans and Baldwin!

They travel briefly back to where they left the tortured bandit, and tell the prisoners they can have their way with him. The single half-orc prisoner kicks him powerfully in the head and kills him.

The adventurers head back into town where they are heralded as saviors. The missing town members are returned to their families. The Village Council holds a meeting and decides that these adventurers would make excellent nobles, which they have long since been without, and desire.

That being said, they need to ensure the worthiness before bestowing the deed and titles upon anyone, but they grant a sixth of the manor to every member of the party, and allow them to use it.

Randal tells the party he can take care of the estate and the noble matters if they wish.

And this concluded Session 1!


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