A fighter that aided the party in rescuing Baldwin and now watches over the manor the town gifted them for their service.


Human Fighter 1
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Elvish
Weapons: Longsword, Dagger, 2 Handaxes
Armor: Shield, Scale Armor


Born a bastard to a high noble of the Kingdom of Lanilore, Randal was raised in a noble household. It was here he learned his skill with a sword and shield, and how to ride a horse. He also learned quite a bit about running an estate, although he was never expected to, as that was a right reserved to true noblemen. His training in this and in economics was highly informal as a result. He will never inherit land or titles.

As an 18 year-old he fell in love with a member of another house. He could never marry her because of his birthright, and when he was caught with her, her family was outraged. He left, setting out in hopes of someday acquiring a title so that he might marry her, though the chance is unlikely. He carries a ring at all times, hoping to one day give it to her.

He has struck a huge fortune, throwing in his lot with a band of adventurers and helping them to remove a bandit threat from the The Village of Castilla. As a reward, the town has gifted the whole party the manor. The Village Council has yet to release the deed or officially declare the party their rulers, but they have expressed their intent to if the adventurer’s continue to aid them in their troubles.

Randal has offered to run the manor for the party. He expects they will allow him the title in return. He has no intention of taking their share of the manor, but he would like to be the official head in order to secure himself a title, and reclaim the love of his life.


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