The Spear of Souls

The Sheltered Valley

Session 6 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

Having driven off the Hag, the party searches her house. They find a map, amidst several blank papers. It shows a valley, and three villages, Hillcrest to the Northeast, Burgandy to the East, and Pondfront to the South. An small house, drawn in, shows their rough location on the map. They can find nothing else they desire, and all gather outside to peer at the map, which is titled “The Sheltered Valley.”

They are interrupted, however, by a cackle. About 70 feet away the Hag appears. Suddenly the party realizes that the scarecrows are moving towards them!

A new fight begins. A sleep spell is cast at the witch, but she fails to succumb to its magic. They fight the scarecrows, igniting them on fire and hacking at them. When they are nothing more than ashes and a pile of sticks the forest is quiet. The party decides to burn the Hag’s house, and they do. They leave her gardens untouched. Food is growing there but they seem not to trust it.

They follow the trail back to the stream, which they can see on their map. This should lead them to Content Not Found: burgandy, the village in the center of the valley. So they follow the edge of the stream, which grows larger and wider as they go.

They travel for a day and make good progress. Their journey is uninterrupted. They set up camp for the night along the riverbed and assign watches. The night is uneventful.

Thia dreams of her goddess, Semhir, and of an injured Phil. Semhir tells her to help the villages to the East, and she will find love again. Then she is gone. Thia, in her dream, heals the injured Phil. She awakes and puzzles over the meaning of this dream.

They make it to Burgandy the next day. The houses are all made of a burgundy brick. They wander about the town and discover it houses a single inn/tavern, and features a lone house set apart from the rest. Noir checks this out and finds a plaque on the door that labels the resident “The Stonemaker.” She checks inside and finds a halfling man doing some paperwork and what seems to be his apprentice moving about doing various tasks. It is unclear what it is the Stonemaker does. Noir puts in a “Hi,” but bolts when the Stonemaker looks up. She explores the town a little more than takes off to the North.

During this time, Thia finds the house of the village elder, via way of a portly halfling man, whom she gifts a silver, but the man takes it reluctantly and with a strange look on his face. Thia goes to the elder’s house and has a conversation with him. She learns that the only trouble Burgandy has been experiencing lately is some foolish rumors of a ghost. Other than that things are quite normal. He also informs her that he has heard the other two villages have not been so lucky.

Ren, the barbarian, now addressable by name, having finally introduced himself, checks out the tavern and memorizes the layout of the town to the best of his ability. It is only mid afternoon, so the tavern is mostly empty. The halflings there seem to be eating, and no one is drinking yet. Ren attempts to buy a stuffed fish on the wall from the innkeeper, Nedda Greenbottle, but is turned down. Thia finds him and they set off in search of Noir and chase her out of town. Gark’Nor has been with Thia, waiting outside the door, while Phil has been exploring a little on his own, and has realized that most of the halflings speak Gnomish with little issue. These two also meet up with Thia and Ren in the tavern.

Everyone has figured out that though the halflings speak Common, the dialect is weird and off, and they are sometimes a little hard to understand.

Seeing the rest of the party behind her, Noir takes off running. The party gives chase, telling her to wait up.

And thus concludes the short session six.


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