The Spear of Souls

The Empty, Vacant, Abandoned Mine

Session 3 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

This session begins outside the abandoned mine. The characters head into the mine and are immediately faced with three choices. They briefly discuss splitting up. Then they decide to go left.

The left tunnel ends in what appears to be the remains of an elevator. All that is left are the ropes, some rotted wood, and the metal wheels the ropes ran on. Below is a dark chasm.

Deciding to check out the other paths before doing anything rash, the party returns to the entrance, only they take the right path this time. This path slopes downward, and leads them to a small pool of water. There are coins on the bottom, which Gark’Nor discovers after he swims in the pond. Noir drops in three gold coins and prays to the Keeper, the god of Knowledge and Secrets. The group returns to the middle path and begins the descent.

This path goes straight for a while, and descends the whole time. It seems it is the main path. There are occasional offshoots. The group spends several hours exploring every single one.

Eventually they begin to reach the end of the tunnel. They encounter the skeletons of what appear to be miners, and one that is wearing the remains of a wizard’s hat and robes, and some unidentifiable ones. Gark’Nor pulls a gold tooth from one and pockets it.

The tunnel ends with a small hole, about 2 feet in diameter. Without bothering to peer through the hole, the party decides it would be a good idea to throw the gnome through to see what’s up. As the gnome enters the chamber on the other side something explodes in a flash of lightning, and Phil is knocked unconscious. Now the group peers through the hole and looks into the small chamber beyond.

There is a large crystal being held aloft by a shaft in the center of the room. A strange coffin sized tub of water made from stone is opposite the hole.

Gark’Nor climbs through. Nothing happens. He takes the crystal. Still nothing. The others climb through as well. Phil lies dying on the floor as the cleric enters and begins to examine the room. The walls are covered in strange runes and sigils.

Noir walks to the other side of the room and feels the water. It’s salty. She feels a sudden wave of knowledge sweep over her and recognizes the magic at work. Although she’s only ever heard of them, and nothing more, she suddenly knows this is the necessary setup for a clone spell.

While everyone else is preoccupied studying the room, Phil manages to stabilize and stop dying. With nothing else to see, Gark’Nor carries him out of the room, and the rest of the party follows.

They decide to leave, then change their minds when they reach the entrance again, opting instead to try to make it down the shaft.

Using one of the remaining ropes to climb down, Noir makes it to the next level down the shaft, as does Natasha.

And that concludes session 3.


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