The Spear of Souls

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 1st level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 1st level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 1st level Rogue
Noir, Human, 1st level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 1st level Fighter

Just to the south of Castilla the caravan is a buzz of activity. Noir and her master are there, looking for rare ingredients not native to the region. Her master is haggling with a vendor. Thia is talking to a trouper. The bard and dror are on break from their acts, and are conversing with themselves. The rogue is nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the fighting breaks out! Our heroes band together to fend off the bandits, with help from a nearby fighter, Randal. Some of the bandits run off, and people have gone missing. Noir’s master is killed.

It is learned that these bandits have attacked before. Our heroes eventually manage to track down a lead. Sevil, a well-known woman in the village, has been giving the bandits information on who is in the town and when, and has been informed to keep a special eye out for people of different races. She is only doing this because her son, Baldwin, a quite simpleton, has been taken by the bandits and held prisoner. The party learns of a meeting between Sevil and the bandits later in the evening.

The party travels to the site of the meeting to lay an ambush. They lie in wait and capture the bandit that comes to speak to her. They torture him for information, much against Randal’s protests, and learn the location of the bandit camp. They sufficiently tie up the bandit and leave him.

Night is descending as they approach the camp. They stop some distance away to talk over how they will get past the guards. Meanwhile the rogue, who has been following along, slits the guard’s throats silently.

They enter into the cave the bandits have been using as a hideout and fight their way to the back. They split the party to cover more ground and have a few harrowing fights. The rogue is knocked unconscious along the way. Eventually they are led back to each other and fight the boss and several lackeys together. The boss is a spellcaster of some sort, and some kind of cultist.

The raid the room for clues and discover that this is not just a handful of bandits, and this is not the entire organization. The bandits have been taking orders from someone else. A mysterious “M,” who has been doing something in Gundrund, the old abandoned town to the south. A secret door that leads out to a small river where there is a dock and a raft is also discovered, and some kind of chart with various races and tally marks. They also find the prisoners, a mix of non-humans and Baldwin!

They travel briefly back to where they left the tortured bandit, and tell the prisoners they can have their way with him. The single half-orc prisoner kicks him powerfully in the head and kills him.

The adventurers head back into town where they are heralded as saviors. The missing town members are returned to their families. The Village Council holds a meeting and decides that these adventurers would make excellent nobles, which they have long since been without, and desire.

That being said, they need to ensure the worthiness before bestowing the deed and titles upon anyone, but they grant a sixth of the manor to every member of the party, and allow them to use it.

Randal tells the party he can take care of the estate and the noble matters if they wish.

And this concluded Session 1!


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