The Spear of Souls

Peryton Hunters

Session 7,8,9 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Content Not Found: avariel, Aasimar, 3rd level Ranger
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard

The party heads North under the direction of Cain towards the first Peryton nest. On the way there they stumble across an owlbear attacking some people. They rush to kill the owlbear and, upon discovering the people are Nerga Foda, kill the people too. They torture the location of the nearest Nerga Foda camp out of one member, slice off his identifying tattoo, and send him on his way, telling him never to return to the Nerga Foda.

The reach the Peryton nest late the next day, and with much effort slay the two beasts nesting there.

The set off for the second nest the following evening. Cain tells them he know two ways to get there. They can take a short two day path closer to the mountains that goes by a large orc encampment, or they can skirt around it on a three -day journey.

The party decides to go past the orc encampment. As they come upon it mid-day they discover it is empty. The remains of many dead orcs lie about, and there are drag marks, showing where the dead where dragged away. The group scours the area and turn up nothing but a hungry manticore. It attacks them, but one blindness spell from Noir and it quickly succumbs to a handful of arrows and magical beams.

They trudge on and come to a circle of stones, which Cain informs them is the ranger’s meeting place. Here they rest for the night, and it passes without disturbance.

They continue the next day and are assaulted by a group of orcs, which they quickly dispatch. They rest just before the Peryton nest, intending to take it in the morning.

The morning comes, and they attack the second of the three Peryton’s nests they hope to eliminate. The birds put up a valiant fight but soon meet their end. The journey continues.

Cain again tells them that they have two choices. He knows of a short pass in the mountains, that will take them on a narrow ledge and carry them around another major orc camp. He also knows another path that passes by a second orc camp.

In their journey with Cain they have learned that several orc tribes live in these northern forests. Three, to be exact, the


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