The Spear of Souls

Party One, Story Zero

Session 5 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 3rd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
???, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

Our party emerges from the trapdoor into a heavily forested region. The forest is mostly pine. Several of the party members can tell they are on a mountain, though they are near the bottom. It is late afternoon, but the moon is already up, almost full.

Natasha can hear water running a ways off to the South. She informs the party of this. The barbarian sees a bird some distance off and hurls a javelin at it. It strikes dead on and the bird falls dead. He hurries to retrieve it.

He finds the bird about 60 feet from the trapdoor, next to a large rock. On the other side of the rock a trail winds left and right. He goes to return to the group when he is suddenly ambushed. A man wielding a sword swings at him, but he dodges back. Several arrows fly from the trees, hard to pinpoint. They all find flesh, but none of them cut deeply. The barbarian shouts for help.

The rest of the party enters the combat. The barbarian almost goes down but is healed. A fight ensues, with magic missiles, arrows and firebolts flying, vicious curses and mother jokes that rack the brain, and a broadsword that cleaves foes in two at the hands of a raging barbarian.

When only one enemy remains he flees. Gark’Nor fires an arrow and misses. There the man’s luck runs out. The gnome fires a crossbow bolt into the back of his neck, then takes a handful of magic missiles to the face.

The adventurers discover that the fallen enemies all have a small tattoo of the white skull on their left back shoulder. They loot the bodies for several gold, silver, and copper pieces. Thia gains a longbow.

Natasha is strangely no where to be found. But this is hardly unusual, so the party returns to the trapdoor where they decide to rest up. They divvy up the watch and prepare spells and sleep.

They awake at sunrise the next day. Thia is in desperate need of a bath, so she heads towards the sounds of running water, to the South. All but Noir follow her. Noir heads North to cast find familiar, as her dragon perished in the fight the day before. Her entire journey takes about 2 hours. She notices as she goes North that the wildlife thins, even if the trees do not. Despite this she finds a deer, and attempts to kill it, but almost kills her dragon instead. The deer runs off. So she returns to the camp empty handed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party follows Thia to a large stream, which a small waterfall pours into. Phil checks behind the waterfall, but finds nothing. Thia asks the boys leave her alone so that she can bathe. The barbarian and Gark’Nor attempt to pick up some bear tracks, in hopes of making a spirit animal totem for the barbarian. They succeed and follow them South of the stream. Phil climbs up around the waterfall and heads West, following the stream. He eventually comes to a steep rock face he has no hopes of climbing. The stream, now a tiny little thing, runs down the rock face. He decides to give up and search for some food. He finds a rabbit and kills it with his crossbow. Pleased with himself he returns to the stream, about half an hour since he left.

Gark’Nor and the barbarian track the bear to a small clearing and a cave. Cautiously, they approach the cave entrance and look around. It seems a bear lives here. They snatch up the fur they need to make the totem and leave. Well, the barbarian goes to leaves, while Gark’Nor decides to hang around and wait for the bear, climbing a tree.

Shortly, the black bear returns, and after a lot of sniffing discovers the location of the intruder. It roars and charges the tree, climbing swiftly up it, but not before Gark’Nor gets in a shot from his bow. He fires again before he is attacked, the bear biting and pawing at him.

A fight amidst the tree ensues, and the bear is driven off, where Gark’Nor fires a final shot into the back of its neck and kills it.

The barbarian returns and the two strip the bear of hide and meat. They leave most of the hide behind. They construct some sleds out of bark and rope and haul 70 pounds of meat back with them to the camp.

The next four hours are spent cooking some bear meat. It is now about 9-10 o’clock in the morning, and the party, stocked with 10 additional days of rations from the bear meat, head down the trail they found. They discover that following it South leads to the stream. Stumped, they follow it the other direction, North.

The trail goes for about a mile before it comes to a cottage in a large clearing. There are two large fields that are growing crops of various sorts, and an entrance to a basement off to the left side of the house.

Weary of trouble, most of the group hangs back while Phil approaches. He knocks at the door and an old lady answers. They talk briefly, and Thia approaches. The old woman invites the two in. They sit and talk and share some tea.

Phil falls asleep. Thia pretends to, knowing that something is up. A hand touches her shoulder. However, it is not an old woman’s hand but a strong claw, with nails sharp as daggers.

“I know you’re faking it!” The old woman’s voice has changed and she suddenly slices Thia’s throat. Thia falls, unconscious and bleeding.

Meanwhile, during the chitchat and tea drinking, Noir and Gark’Nor sneak into the basement. They find something unexpected. A cache of old weapons and armor. They know something’s up, and they search the pile before Gark’Nor stumbles upon some mithril chainmail, which he shoves in his pack. The two rush upstairs, where they witness Thia’s throat get cut.

They intercede. As does the barbarian, who has been sneaking around the other way and come in through a window.

A fight begins. Phil is awoken, Thia is healed, and a battle that almost kills several players proceeds. A poker near the fire comes to life, the giant welcome mat on the floor attempts to smother the fighter, and the old lady, now fully in her Hag form, disappears and reappears on several occasions. Finally, the rug and poker dead and the Hag with a gash in her neck, the fighting grinds to a slow. The Hag isn’t dead, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Thia opened the chest in her room and found a heap of coins, along with a flask of red liquid, a jar filled with a tan cream, and several small gems and agates. She took it all.

And thus concluded session 5.


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