The Spear of Souls

Ghost Town

Session 2 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Gark’Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

The party last left off sleeping in the manor they have been granted.

In the night Noir, the party’s wizard and aspiring necromancer, slips off into the night. She is seen by Natasha, but tells the rogue not to follow. Surprisingly, the rogue obeys. Noir is back before morning.

The party awakes to he clamor of people downstairs in the manor!

The people are from the farms south of The Village of Castilla. The previous night they were attacked by a band of orcs, who razed most of the farms and have killed several people. They have come to their new lords seeking asylum. Randal is attending to them, and ensuring them that they can stay in the manor until their houses are rebuilt.

The party mulls over this information and the information they have received by raiding the bandit camp, especially that pertaining to the mysterious “M”, who apparently has some business in the town of Gundrund. They decide to kill two birds with one stone, and track down the orcs before heading to the abandoned town. They have trouble convincing the wizard to go with them, but eventually manage to after making some very convincing arguments (and some very convincing rolls…).

They manage to track the orcs to a small copse of trees an hour or so west of the road to Gundrund. A battle ensues and the orcs, a small band of six (five grunts and there leader, judging from the outfits and size), fall victim to a sleep spell cast by the wizard and are easily picked off.

After the fight the party takes short rest. Then they continue on to Gundrund. The city as as the rumors described, and the party is aware of the rumors (after all, Noir is from Castilla). Read the Gundrund entry to see the story behind Gundrund.

When they arrive at the town they aren’t really sure what it is they are looking for. They decide to head towards the mine, mildly splitting up as the rogue takes to the rooftops. They encounter little except the empty houses, empty temples to the gods, and an empty manor for a while. They also stumble across a statue of King Relon, who ruled the Kingdom of Lanilore when Gundrund was still a thriving town. Eventually they come across a tree, which speaks to them. A dryad emerges from the tree, asking their assistance in being cleansed of the evil that has pervaded the town. They find some holy water and douse it’s roots. It thanks them and immediately looks healthier. It sprouts two berries, which they pick. The bard and cleric each take a berry. The gnome eats his and instantly vanishes, becoming invisible. Seeing this the cleric stores hers for later.

During this time the rogue has gotten far ahead of the party, and Noir has pressed forward as well, not trusting the dryad to be truthful. The Noir comes across a graveyard behind a temple. Some of the graves are empty and recently dug up. She spends some time examining the open graves and discovers that they are all graves of non-humans. She also finds a trail of dirt leading into the temple. Noting all this, she continues towards the mine.

The rogue has been traveling towards the mine this entire time, and is ahead of everyone else, when she is attacked by a swarm of rats. She fights back valiantly, killing many of them, but she is unable to fend them off. She ends up lying on the ground, bleeding. The rats move on. Through a miracle the bleeding stops and she regains consciousness. She pushes on, her blood seemingly held in by willpower alone.

Meanwhile, Thia, the cleric, Phil, the bard, and Gark’Nor, the fighter, push on through the city towards the mine. They too, soon find the graveyard, and notice the empty graves. Thia is the first to arrive and takes advantage of this, hiding in one of the graves and scaring the hell out of Phil when he stumbles into the graveyard. Unlike Noir, the group decides to check out the temple and are almost immediately shot at by crossbow bolts when they enter. They manage to call Noir using a message spell, and she returns to join them in the fight.

They kill four bandits, two of which shoot at them from the balcony, the other two of which emerge from the basement of the temple. During the fight, Phil casts a spell and suddenly becomes visible again. Nursing bad wounds, three of them decide to take a short rest in the temple. Noir decides to press onward. After some time she hears what sounds like combat and goes running. She stumbles into a building to find a smoke mephit standing over Natasha! She sends a firebolt at it but the attack sails right through the smoky figure. The two battle, with Natasha bleeding out on the floor.

Noir manages to kill the mephit and stabilizes the rogue with a little effort. Then the two take a short rest, lying in each other’s arms. When they awake they do a little more than lie…

Back in the temple the rest of the party finishes their rest, and awakes to find their wealth missing. Thia discovers her broach, the most important thing to her in the world, is gone. The group finds some additional tracks leading up from the basement, and follow them outside, where they meet up with a horse’s then promptly vanish. A little perplexed, the party again decides to split up. Thia continues to the mine. Gark’Nor and Phil remain to explore the rest of the temple.

In the basement, Gark’Nor and Phil discover this temple has the same layout as all the others. They move through the halls into the back room, when they trigger a pressure plate. Poisoned darts shoot from the walls and impale Phil, killing him, as he has not fully recovered from the fight. Now carrying the stable but unconscious Phil, Gark’Nor discovers the bodies of an elf and and a half-orc that look as if they’ve been cut open. He also discover that this room has a door the other temples didn’t have.

Going inside he finds himself in a square room with two statues to the goddess Semhir, the goddess of Travel and Fortune (and our cleric’s diety). He also finds a large circle with mysterious markings carved in the ground and nine sigils carved around it, and though he is pretty sure it is a teleportation circle of some kind, he is unable to figure out what it is or how to activate it. Deciding not to waste more time trying to decipher it, and instead ask the wizard about it, he leaves with the bard in his arms for the mine.

Meanwhile, Thia passes the house where Natasha and Noir are… sleeping. She hears some moaning but decides not to investigate. She soon comes upon the mine, where she decides to wait for the others. They all soon appear, everyone looking a little bloodied and beat up, but everyone present. Gark’Nor and the unconscious Phil are the last to arrive. Thia heals up Phil with some magic and he is soon back on his feet.

And this concludes the second session recap.


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