The Spear of Souls

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 3rd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 3rd level Bard
Noir, Human, 3rd level Wizard
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 3rd level Fighter
Ren, Human, 3rd level Barbarian

This session begins just outside the village of Burgandy. When we last ended Noir had taken off running, and the party began to chase after her. All except the barbarian, that is.

A chase begins! Gark’Nor runs the fastest, and is quick to make up the distance between them. He accidentally steps in a hunter’s snare, however, and is unable to quickly escape. Noir almost gets away but is caught by a sleep spell cast by Phil.

Apologies go around when Noir wakes up and expresses her dislike of the way Thia had tried to drag her out of the house. She explains that she just has to do something, and that she will meet them all tomorrow morning just North of Burgandy.

Noir heads North alone, while the rest of them head back into the village. The barbarian learns the rumors that a ghost can be seen going down the river around midnight. The party decides to check this out. They await midnight, doing various things. Phil tries unsuccessfully to pick up a halfling woman. He gets thrown out of the inn about the same time he is alerted to the fact that the woman is the innkeeper’s daughter. The barbarian finds a tanner and gets his bear head cured.

The party awaits the visiting of the ghost on the docks. The “ghost” they eventually see is actually a member of the Nerga Foda, drifting downstream on a raft with two barrels.

The party wakes up the poor boatman and he lends them a boat. They chase after the guy, and when they are close enough they shoot him dead. They commandeer his raft and empty the barrels. Two living, but unconscious orcs are inside. They let the orcs out and row to shore, where Gark’Nor and Ren talk with the orcs. They learn that the Nerga Foda has been wiping out the orc hordes in the forest to the North.

Business done, Gark’Nor and Thia attack the unarmed, half naked orcs and kill them as they flee. Ren tries to stop them and intercedes, punching Gark’Nor as he shoots his bow at the orcs. It does little to help.

The four of them, Gark’Nor, Thia, Ren, and Phil, head back to Burgandy and pull the boat behind them.

They stay the night in the inn common room. Gark’Nor heads north for a couple hours to look for signs of a Nerga Foda camp. He finds none.

He arrives back in town and goes to sleep in the inn, several hours later.

When everyone is awake the party heads North, towards Hillcrest. They encounter Noir, looking very tired, on the way there and spend the rest of the day on the road. They arrive in Hillcrest that night, where they sleep in the streets, unwilling to pay for a room for the night (and because the halflings use a different currency). Hillcrest is about the same size as Burgandy, only its surrounded by palisade walls with sentry towers. The towers are empty, and there are no gates, only gaps.

The next day they spend doing assorted activities. Thia seeks out the village elder and learns that the village has experienced an unusually high number of Peryton attacks. The elder promised a reward to any that would clear the nests to the North. He recommends they seek out Cade Thorngage if they would like additional information.

Gark’Nor and Thia seek out Cade’s house, while Phil plays his bagpipes on the street. He gets very generous tips. Ren seeks out work in the mill and easily picks up the job and some pay. The halfling family who runs the mill offers him a dinner and a place for the night.

Cade informs Thia and Gark’Nor that he can help them track down the Peryton’s nests, provided they secure him a quarter pound of tobacco first. They seek out Phil, who pays for the tobacco at the local apothecary, Herbs and Remedies.

The two also meet a strange woman at Cade’s house, a perfectly proportioned human female, with silver hair. She introduces herself as Avariel. She talks with Thia, mostly, and decides to join their party in their quest North.

Cade tells them he plans to leave at first light, and tells them they can hole up at his place.

Dawn comes and the group heads out. Cade has already secured two ponies, one for himself and the other for Phil. The group heads North, leaving a sleeping Hillcrest behind them.

They travel the rest of the day, following the river and eventually entering the forest. A Peryton circles above as if preparing to attack but they hit it with several shots and scare it off. Its shadow doesn’t match its shape, but instead resembles a human. They travel for a while more beneath the trees before calling it a day. They set up camp and prep for the night. As dusk falls they are attacked by an owlbear. They eventually fight it off and kill it. Noir doesn’t even wake. The rest of the night goes by peacefully.

The following day they head deeper into the woods, striking away from the river. They seem to be following some path, as Cade doesn’t seem to concerned about getting lost as he leads them. As the evening begins to settle about the world the group reaches its destination. To Perytons roost on an overhang about thirty feet above them. Seeing the intruders the birds attack. A vicious battle ensues. Noir hangs back, still looking extremely tired despite her last night’s rest. Cade also hangs back, staying out of the battle, as per the deal that was struck.

With some trouble and a lot of healing magic on Thia’s part the group manages to kill the birds. The weapons seem almost to bounce off them. Avariel proves herself a useful addition to the party. The party raids the birds’ nest, where they find plenty of gold, silver and copper coins, all of a strange variety, most likely left behind by the birds’ victims. Unlike the coins they are used to, these coins have a spear engraved on one side and the head of an unknown figure on the other.

And this concludes the session.


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