The Spear of Souls

A Sudden Turn (or Two)

Session 4 Recap

Current Party Members:
Thia, Elf, 2nd level Cleric
Phil, Gnome, 2nd level Bard
Natasha, Tiefling, 2nd level Rogue
Noir, Human, 2nd level Wizard
Garkā€™Nor, Dror, 2nd level Fighter

This session begins in the mine, right where we left off. Noir and Natasha have made it down a level and the others attempt to follow. Gark’Nor ties off a rope on a large rock near the entrance to the mine shaft. He gives it a few tugs. Nothing happens.

Thia decides to go first. She grabs the rope and begins to make her way down when she suddenly slips. She fails and tries to catch herself but fails. He screams echo as she disappears into the darkness of the shaft. They end moments later.

Gark’Nor is understandably perturbed, and decides to lower an unconscious Phil down instead. He ties the gnome up and lowers him down, where Noir and Natasha pull him in and untie him.

Then Gark’Nor takes his turn. He ties the end of the rope around his upper torso, under his armpits and lowers himself down into the tunnel below. He makes it and climbs off.

The party, short Thia, continues down the passage before coming upon a similar scene. The entrance to the mine. Which was on the floor they just left. They are confused. They can see the world outside through the exit, and three tunnels coming off the intersection in which they now stand. Each looks exactly like the ones on the floor above, including the one they just walked down.

Gark’Nor decides it would be best to leave the unconscious Phil outside the mine as they attempt to go down further. He exits the mine- and appears in the tunnel directly opposite the exit, facing his companions.

Suddenly Noir collapses, unconscious. Natasha and Gark’Nor move to examine her, and find no discernible cause. Then Gark’Nor collapses as well. Natasha alone is left standing. She begins to loot the bodies.

Suddenly she wakes up, her companions all around her, her cheek on fire from where Thia has just slapped her.

They are all in the small stone chamber with the salt water bath and the strange symbols on the wall. They have been under a powerful sleep spell, and probably a few other curses, seeing as even Thia, the elf, succumbed to it.

Climbing to their feet, the group peers through the hole and makes their way out. Thia prays to her goddess Semhir, the goddess of travel.

From the hole the passage does not go straight, as it did, or seemed to, on the way in. It splits to the right and left. Our party moves forward to the intersection. A little down the passage they see some skeletons, the same ones as before, with the wizard hat and mining gear, only the skeletons are standing. They notice the party and charge.

An illusory sound from the bard causes two of them to get distracted and turn around. The other two charge full on ahead.

The party manages to ready themselves in time for the onslaught. Gark’Nor sends an arrow hurtling towards one of the skeletons that turned its back but misses. The skeleton turns around again and joins its companions. The other charges off into the darkness.

Then it comes flying back in pieces and a burly,shirtless man wielding a giant ax comes running in.

The party take turns wailing on the skeletons, the skeleton cleaving two more in half before the battle is done.

Without a word of introduction or anything really, the new intruder assimilates himself into this party. He has been quietly following them for some time, but couldn’t get himself through the hole after they all got knocked out.

The mine is not how they remembered it. It seems they got themselves involved in something bigger than they even could have expected. Natasha speaks up, amazingly, and mentions that they should stick to the left. Gark’Nor tries to record their passage on a map, but soon gives up. They stick to Natasha’s plan, occasionally arguing, but ultimately turning left whenever they are presented with the option.

Eventually they encounter a strange symbol, painted on the wall. It is a white, inhuman but humanoid skull, with pointed ears. Natasha recognizes the symbol as one she has seen before, scrawled on walls in Hareton. She remembers a name, Nerga Foda, but nothing more. They follow the symbol, which leads them down the left path, and continues to do so as they encounter it with each new set of turns.

It leads them past a broken stairway, and into another intersection, where they are ambushed by three living shadows. These are beaten back with some effort, as weapons seem to harm them little, and even fire dies in their shadow. Thia answers this threat with bouts of sacred flames that sear the shadows very effectively. Noir manages to capture one in an essence jar, an item she picked up from her master’s hut that is used for storing all kinds of things that normally can’t be (like shadows…).

Beaten and lacking in strength, the group goes left, even though a skull is painted on the middle path. They encounter a dead end, and decide to take a short rest. Learning from their past mistakes they do not sleep, but spend an hour or two recovering.

Then they return to the intersection and take the middle path. It brings them down a long hallway, where they encounter a large painted skull like the others, only the size of the wall.

Not exactly sure what to make of it, they continue down the hallway, which leads them to another dead end. They search for any sign of a passage, and find nothing. They return to the painting. The barbarian, using Thia’s mace, hits the skull. The wall remains unharmed, but seems to move a little.

Together, the party pushes open a secret door in the wall. It leads down another long passage, which in turn leads up some stairs and eventually to a ladder and a trapdoor.

The barbarian wastes no time opening the trapdoor. Light pours in and the group emerges. They seem to be in a forest, halfway up a mountainside, with no idea where they are.

To be continued…


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